Over the past fifty years, we have developed strategic plans embracing bigger is better. Along the way, we learned bigger is not better.

Better is better.

We are done with big expansion plans and now focused on creating extraordinary experiences for our residents, peace of mind for their loved ones, and meaningful work for our team.

This monumental shift was shaped by our board of directors and leaders. It is guided by the preferences and opinions of those we serve and their loved ones.

Today, we are about the important work of creating moments of connection, joy, and delight. This shift is reflected in the emphasis and direction of our work. It is supported by implementing innovative programs and services throughout our campus.


Music & Memory Initiative

In 2014, in conjunction with the State of Wisconsin initiative to implement programs and services for people diagnosed with dementia, Bethel Home and Eden Meadows became Certified Care Organizations and implemented Music & Memory for all elders living with dementia.

Music is profoundly linked to our personal memories. Tapping into the delightful power of music and memories, our residents have individual iPods loaded with their favorite songs by their favorite artists. The Music & Memory Initiative and its vision of personalized music for all are a gold standard of long-term care.

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Innovations in Action

Miravida Living is changing the way people think about aging. We are committed to identifying and developing innovative programs and services for our residents, and taking action. Our leaders shared our vision and some of our innovations on WBAY-TV 2’s Ask the Expert program. Watch the videos below to see firsthand how we are changing lives.